Be Careful with Alcohol at Celebrations or You will be Arrested for DUI

Since 1988, Hispanic Heritage Month has been annually celebrated in the United States. In the state of Georgia, and especially in the city of Atlanta, there is a very important Hispanic community.



During these dates, the U.S recognizes the history, traditions and contributions made by Hispanics to American society and culture. The Hispanic community in Atlanta plays a very important role in the formation of the national character and contribute to the success of the nation in a positive way, both in the immersion of its culture and in the strengthening of the economy.

What should we consider?

During these dates, and the celebrations that accompany these days, drugs and alcohol are sometimes present: beer, wine, spirits and distillates are the ones we share with our friends, family and acquaintances, without keeping in mind that we must drive at the end of the celebration.

Social life and alcohol consumption increases, but in some cases what starts as a quiet and fun celebration can cause problems or become a tragedy when proper safety measures aren’t taken.

Although alcohol consumption is fully accepted and looks normal, it can have serious consequences. The effects begin to be felt in the first hour of consumption, causing a feeling of euphoria, relaxation, excitement, etc. However, as times goes on and if the consumption remains constant, reduction of reflexes, lack of coordination and blurred vision begin to take effect. Reasoning is altered and risks are not measured properly. The ability to drive safely is reduced as a consequence.

Therefore, if you are going to consume alcohol, it is necessary that you do it responsibly and plan in advance what your return home will be like. It is important, not only to avoid the negative consequences that may affect your health and interpersonal relationships, but also your life and the lives of people who may be on the road. Avoid problems that you may regret for the rest of your life from an action that can be avoided and prevent the paying of unnecessary fines for driving under the influence of alcohol.

What should I do if I am arrested for DUI?

If you are arrested for a DUI case, you will need a lawyer who specializes in these cases as you face a serious crime. Even with a lawyer, you will not be able to avoid spending the day in jail and paying a bond.



As we said before, what starts as a simple celebration, something fun and enjoyable with family and friends, can end in a cell, handcuffed, and accused of serious crimes. If that happens, you will need a lawyer capable of performing the best of DUI defenses in the city of Atlanta.

Generally, we usually think, “I am fine to drive”, “I am able to drive in this state, it is not that bad” or “I don’t have far to go, I can drive.” Then, when a police officer stops your vehicle on the street and performs the relevant tests and your blood alcohol content is greater than .08, you will be arrested for DUI and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Contact a DUI lawyer in Atlanta.

If you are arrested and charged with DUI in Atlanta, you need the help of an expert lawyer in DUI cases. The consequences are serious and a lawyer can help you reduce or dismiss the charges.

Don’t make your mistakes permanent. We have all made mistakes, but that doesn’t mean that we should let these problems get bigger. With the help of a DUI specialist lawyer in Atlanta, we will find a better strategy to help you win your trial, and negotiate to lessen the charges or your punishment.

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