Career success starts with taking care of your health

Overexertion, as well as the lack of safety in hazardous workplaces brings a high risk to your health and your physical integrity, these factors in the long run can damage your path to a successful career. Bloomberg reported that Americans work 25% more than Europeans and as time passes by this has a direct effect on their health. According to other studies, overworking can negatively impact the sleep cycle and increase stress levels. In addition, lack of sleep leads to an individual making more mistakes. Similarly, performing functions in a dangerous job site  where the risks of lacerations and injuries are high, can frustrate your success permanently or for quite some time, in case you happen to suffer an accident at work.

The lack of safety in hazardous workplaces brings a high risk for your health and your physical integrity damaging your path to a successful career.


It is crucial to take care of every detail regarding your health and pay special attention to the basic safety elements to carry out your work without accidents at work. Fractures, lacerations or any other type of wound resulting from an accident can leave you out of work and without receiving any salary at all.

According to attorney Doug Rohan, a worker’s compensation specialist, “if your employer offers you security tools, use those tools. However, there are employers who refuse to offer these safety material, but know that you can ask for them. On the other hand, if you have an accident at work and your boss never gave you all the safety elements you need to work, then you are entitled to fair compensation. “

In addition, attorney Rohan, who has also practiced law for more than two decades in the state of Georgia, gives some examples of common safety tools that most likely will be used in manual dangerous labor. Here are his indications:

  • If your work endangers your eyes, there are specific protective goggles for those conditions. For example, plastic glasses can protect your eyes from light materials such as dust, but not necessarily from hot metals. So take into account the requirements of each job to get the right tool.
  • If you work with chemicals, some gloves may protect your hands from irritating liquids. However, they will not be suitable for heavier jobs such as gardening or carpentry.
  • If your work exposes you to dangerous objects that can fall on your head, then wear a hard hat at all times.
  • Wear boots with protective metal especially in locations where heavy objects can fall on your feet.
  • If you are forced to lift heavy objects as part of your daily work; There are special  belts that can protect your back. Avoid, lifting those objects with your back, the right thing to do is to bend your knees and lift them with the force of your legs.
  • If your company does not offer you the necessary work tools for your protection, then you should ask your boss or supervisor for help.


However, the reality is that there are many companies and bosses that are irresponsible and others simply are not aware of all the safety protocols to avoid accidents at work, in any case if you are involved in a work accident you are entitled to compensation for your medical expenses and for the loss of your salary while ill due to the accident.

There are many employees who suffer accidents at work and for not knowing their rights they end up carrying the financial burden, paying out of pocket high medical costs and without receiving money from their work on days of work disability. If you suffered an accident in the state of Georgia, you can get a free consultation with attorney Rohan who will guide you in this process so that you get the best and most fair work compensation.

The job success lies in your diligence when it comes to attending your job functions doing it with all the safety tools, but it also lies in your diligence to report an accident and protect your rights. Employers will value you even more when they know that the employee is knowledgeable about the laws.


The job success lies in your diligence to report an accident and enforce your rights.


Here is a list of what you should do immediately after having an accident:

  • Report the accident with your supervisor and make sure a written report is made of what happened.
  • Take pictures of the scene of the work accident and also photograph your injuries.
  • Know your rights Undocumented workers who get injured can get medical attention. No one can threaten you not to ask for help, this is illegal.
  • Remember, if you do not have insurance, look for legal and medical help without fear of the expenses, since the most probable thing is that you will not pay for it.
  • If you are a resident of Georgia, contact Rohan Law for a free attorney consultation.

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