What should you do after a work accident?

Currently, more than 30 million Latinos represent about 16% of the United States’ workforce. Studies reveal, first of all, that Hispanics are the ones that maintain the highest rate of work accidents in the country, and secondly, it is expected that by 2025 one in two new workers entering the market will be of Hispanic descent. 

These new employees will demand greater interaction with their managers, they will seek constant feedback from their bosses, they will want fluid work schedules, enjoy greater opportunities for flexibility in offices and have a better integration of work and life, according to The Changing U.S. study Workforce: The Growing Hispanic Demographic and the Workplace.

What should you do if you are undocumented and have an accident while at work in Georgia?

The Constitution grants some rights to undocumented people who work in the United States, regardless of their legal status. Specifically, we highlight the text of the  Fourteenth Amendment which states that:

“No state can deprive of life, liberty or property, without due process of law; nor deny any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws ”.

Immigrants are not part of the majority of workers in every American industry, although they are the majority in some specific jobs. Because of these specific jobs, Latino workers are 20% more likely to die or get injured in a work accident than American workers.

If you suffer a work accident in Atlanta, Attorney Doug Rohan suggests you do the following:

  1. Seek immediate medical attention. If it is an emergency or serious injury, call 911 or go to the hospital as soon as possible and keep all the information that doctors give you. In case of muscle injuries, dislocations, or non-serious injuries, it is important to ask your boss which medical provider to see for a consultation. 
  2. During medical care do not forget details and how you feel at the moment, so that the doctor can take the appropriate notes. These notes will be helpful in requesting compensation for injuries, especially when you hire a lawyer specializing in work injuries. Do not forget to obtain copies of the medical forms from the doctor that treated you for your work accident. You should also provide the doctor’s office with the information identifying your employer. Expenses for care will be sent to your employer or insurance company if you have this information as proof. 
  3. Talk PERSONALLY with your supervisor to inform him of your injuries and send him a text message, e-mail, or letter regarding your work-related injuries within 30 days of the accident. Notice to the employer within 30 days is required by the statute for reporting a work injury to receive compensation. 
  4. Contact a workers’ compensation lawyer. The attorneys at Rohan Law are experts on work accident cases and will help you review your case and get you the proper compensation for your injuries. If you need help, Attorney Doug Rohan is Your Best Legal Choice. He will do everything possible to obtain the compensation you legally deserve. Whether your accident was in Atlanta, or anywhere else in the State of Georgia, they will help you get the treatment you need and maximize your recovery.

Why hire Rohan Law?

There is a myth that many people believe: hiring a lawyer is too expensive. That is false! At Rohan Law, the first consultation is free. The lawyers and paralegals who are part of the firm have extensive legal experience and are fluent in Spanish.

Currently in Atlanta, you can find a variety of lawyers specializing in work accidents. However, many times you may feel uncomfortable and distrustful when hiring a lawyer native to the United States, especially since there may be communication problems from the language barrier. To make sure you’re completely understood, hire a bilingual lawyer, such as attorney Doug Rohan. He is Your Best Legal Choice, and the most effective to carry out the entire legal procedure in a way that you can understand.

Choosing Rohan Law means having an experienced person with extensive knowledge and the ability to communicate in both languages ​​on your case who will be completely transparent and use the law to successfully help you.

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