Pulled Over Driving Without a License in Georgia? Tips on How to Avoid Jail Time

Driving in Georgia without a license is a crime; breaking the law can bring many problems. Among the main consequences are the fines with values ranging from $500 to $1000; these amounts don’t take into consideration the costs of courts and lawyers that you must be responsible for. However, the worst consequence of them all, it’s to serve time in jail, with the risk of being deported if you are not in the country legally. Therefore, if you drive without a license, any law enforcement officer in Georgia can end up arresting you for an act that is considered to be a criminal offense. The time in jail will be determined in a court; however, a person can be in jail anytime from two days to twelve months.

If you drive without a license, any law enforcement officer in Georgia may end up arresting you, for an act that is considered a crime.

The mere idea of ​​spending days, weeks, months, and even years in prison is a nightmare you may have, so before you go driving in Georgia without a license think twice. However, some circumstances push a person who has not been granted a license to take the steering wheel and drive despite knowing that it can get him or her into serious problems. Regardless of the circumstances, driving without a license is breaking the law and in addition to the consequences above, it also leads to you obtaining a lifetime criminal record, something that could affect when it comes to serious situations such as looking for a job.

Whether it was because you were irresponsible or because you saw yourself in need to drive without a license, if you are already in that situation, the first thing you should do is to hire a lawyer that is well recognized in the state of Georgia who can help resolve your case and can also help reduce or even eliminate the consequences of your crime.

I was arrested for driving without a license, now what?

Hire a good lawyer immediately. There’s a significant difference in hiring a cheap lawyer compared to hiring a good lawyer. The reasons why you need to hire a lawyer are more than obvious but if you are still wondering about the importance of having one on your side, a lawyer will be an excellent strategist and negotiator, and will work to ensure you get the best deal possible. Remember that your freedom is at risk. Your lawyer will be negotiating before the judge and the members of the court to eliminate your sentence or at least reduce it. “When you are in court fighting for a person who drove without a license, we do not accept the first offer from the court. In general, the court tells our clients that they must pay with jail. However, the lawyer is the one who fights so that the individual does not spend time under arrest,” says attorney Doug Rohan who has nealy 20 years of experience attending these types of cases in the courts of Georgia.

Make sure that the lawyer has real testimonies from people like Viviana, where her case was resolved satisfactorily. “Attorney Rohan took my charges for not driving with a license for the second time and being involved in an accident; he not only prevented me from being incarcerated but helped me to keep my record clean,” said Viviana.


In short, if you do not have a good lawyer fighting for your rights, your freedom will be in danger. On the other hand, your case may be more complicated and may require a lawyer with extensive knowledge of Georgia law and the specific court where your case is pending.

In Georgia, undocumented immigrants are one of the most affected groups by this law because by not allowing them to have a driver’s license when they need to drive due to an emergency, they can face the weight of the law. “In this case, I tell immigrants to look for a lawyer who speaks their language so they can understand everything that is and how their case is progressing.” Rohan states. Attorney Rohan is a native-Spanish speaker, of Cuban origin.

Attorney Rohan is respected among his clients for fighting for the rights of hundreds of people who have been able to regain their freedom and peace of mind. For a consultation, call (404) 923-0446 or click here.

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