Every case starts with a conversation. We love to help people! We start by offering a free phone or in-person consultation. With us, free means free! If you decide not to hire us, you owe us nothing.  No Pressure!

Sometimes your case is simpler than you realize.  After a brief consultation, we may both agree that you don’t need to hire us. We are happy to simply explain the process and give you a few tips to help make things go smoothly. Depending on your situation, some cases can be handled on a contingency basis. In contingency cases, we get paid after a settlement has been reached.

For other situations, we’ll agree on a flat fee, giving you the peace of mind of knowing the cost of our services up-front. Throughout the case, we’ll decide together how to reach the best outcome for your case that meets your needs. The end to your worries starts with a call.

Call us today at (404) 923-0446.

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