High School Student Suspended for Allegedly Using Drugs

We care about you and want to help! When accidents happen like the one that previously happened at Campbell High School in Smyrna, there are doubts and questions with no clear answers. It is best to contact a specialist lawyer as quickly as possible to take your case and have good legal representation that protects your rights.

Do you want to know what happened? This is her story.

One school day, the high school student decided to go to school without breakfast, a mistake that caused her to faint in the bathrooms of the school where she was found unconscious.

The school authorities interrogated her and forced her to confess that she was under the influence of a drug, resulting in a ten-day suspension. However, the student went to a medical center with the help of her father.

“It’s too big of an accusation”
Juan Arvizu, father of the young woman.

After obtaining negative evidence for any drug, they decided to contact their lawyer, Attorney Rohan, who concluded with a blunt phrase:

“We don’t know if we have a racist teacher or if we have a teacher who doesn’t want to change her mind.”

Attorney Doug Rohan


Attorney Rohan is defending the young woman before the school and the principal. The student wrote a formal letter of apology by hand asking that the suspension be changed because of the false confession. It is obvious that that was the only mistake.

It is unfair that this accusation will remain on the student’s permanent academic record, jeopardizing her future scholastic career. This unfair reality is mentally damaging to the student as well.

How Rohan Law can help you in these cases.

On many occasions, people do not choose to be victims. Adversities can directly or indirectly affect us or a loved one.

Attorney Rohan is here for you! We have certain steps that we take where you can help us as we help you. We will help you understand the most beneficial decisions for you and your loved ones in the future and are committed to helping and caring for you as you go through a legal process that can be distressing.

All we do is listen and focus on protecting our community. Rohan Law is Your Best Legal Option and offers you a free first consultation. Call us now at (404) 923-0446.


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