Injured at work? What you must know to obtain workers’ compensation in Georgia

Anyone can have a bad day at work, but the worst case scenario is to become injured in the workplace and worse than that is not doing anything about your injuries. In Georgia, employees have rights, and they can protect their health and finances by reporting work accidents.

Employees who don’t report work accidents have a higher risk of losing their jobs, not obtaining coverage for their medical expenses and in the worst case scenario being injured for life without compensation.


Employees must understand that every time injuries occur, in the form of fractures, cuts, lacerations, etc, these wounds can affect permanently or for a long season one’s health, income, and medical expenses.  For example, falling while performing your job can lead to a fracture that might take at least three months to heal; this means you have to go to the doctor, take the necessary time to rest and recover, therefore you would not be able to go to work. The employees that don’t file a report for this type of accident at work have a higher risk of losing their jobs, not receiving the entire coverage for their medical expenses and perhaps are at risk of being disabled for life for not receiving the proper medical treatment.

How to obtain workers’ compensation

First of all, don’t be afraid to report a work accident with your supervisor as soon as it happens. After the accident, if your physical and mental condition allows it, collect all evidence. Taking pictures of your injuries and if possible pictures of the scene where the accident happens are key to obtaining workers’ compensation.  Some employers might deny your workers’ compensation claim. In this case, the very first thing you should do is contact an experienced and well-recognized lawyer in Georgia to fight for your rights and overall well-being. 

Don’t be afraid to request workers’ compensation

The reality is that some employees are afraid to file for workers’ compensation, afraid that they might lose their jobs or get in trouble with their boss or supervisor, but there is nothing farther from reality than this. On the contrary, not filing for workers’ compensation will have a negative impact in your life because it will actually be easier for an employer to let you go due to the fact that your temporary disability won’t allow you to go to work. However, once you file a case for workers’ compensation your employer will have to respect your rights because you have a lawyer that understands the law and who will pursue your claim through litigation if necessary.

The time limit for workers compensation

Once you report your accident at work, the employer’s insurance company plays an important role in the process because it has a period of 21 days to accept or deny the claim according to what has been established in the Workers’ Compensation Act.  You must be out of work for seven days to be entitled to income benefits. Once you are out of work for 21 days, they will pay you for the first seven days, as well.

If your workers’ compensation claim is denied contact an experienced and well-recognized lawyer in Georgia to fight for your rights and overall well-being.


The risks of not having a lawyer

Deciding not to hire a lawyer could be a bad decision because many employers’ insurance company end up not making a formal decision on whether they accept or not the workers’ compensation claim; this is only going to be harmful to the hurt employee in the future. The insurance company might pay for some medical expenses, however, if later on the employee needs further medical attention the insurance company may take the position that is no longer responsible for any wage loss benefits or any medical treatment the employee might need.

If something goes wrong with your workers’ compensation claim, then the help of a lawyer will make all the difference. If you need help in Atlanta, Georgia you can contact attorney Douglas Rohan, recognized in the community for successful service to injured employees.

“Just remember, once you talk to the insurance company, it will be their job to minimize the payout to you. Having our legal team on your side to handle negotiations with the insurance company – and if necessary – filing a lawsuit, will help you potentially recover the:

  •    Payment of medical bills related to your accident and recovery
  •    Reimbursement for property damage and deductibles
  •     Payment for mileage to and from the doctor’s office
  •    Payment for future economic loss resulting from an inability to work

Don’t beat your head against a wall trying to deal with the insurance company by yourself. We are experienced at it and rather enjoy doing it,” said attorney Rohan. 

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