Once again, the wounds are reopened for families by the decisions of the Court in the Rommys Beltrán Case.

In 2015 several families, including undocumented persons, began the process of publically denouncing what was going on at AYA, Advancing Youth Academy in Roswell, Georgia. Advancing Youth Academy was an alternative school for children who were having problems in traditional school. But as problems with the school came to light, police and state investigators eventually got involved. Rommys Beltrán was arrested in 2016 and charged with multiple felonies, including working without a professional license, first-degree child cruelty, insurance fraud, theft and tampering with evidence, and among other charges.

In the first podcast of Radio Rohan: Direct to the Community, Attorney Rohan, accompanied by the presenter Paula Rodriguez, updated the Hispanic community on the latest news of the Rommys Beltrán case.

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At the beginning of her case, Ms. Rommys Beltrán made a demand for a Speedy Trial

Why have a speedy trial? How could Rommys Beltrán benefit?

A speedy trial is a special criminal process that allows certain cases to be prosecuted more quickly, forcing the state to meet certain time deadlines, or risk that the case be dismissed.

Rommys Beltrán, having many witnesses against her, initially requested a speedy trial, forcing the state to accelerate the discovery process. In some cases, this might cause the State to have to leave out evidence, or just generally be less prepared for the presentation of the case to the jury. One drawback generally, is that the State will not engage in any settlement negotiations. Their view is if you want a trial, we will prepare for trial.

However, everything changed this Thursday, January 10, 2020, when the case was brought back to court for a status conference. The defendant Rommys Beltrán withdrew her demand for a speedy trial. As a result, her trial will be postponed by several months.

Attorney Rohan represents several of the plaintiff families in the case against Beltrán. During today’s hearing, he commented that parents took their children to this academy because their children were struggling in public schools. The parents knew that their children could not continue to be suspended at school, and they thought that attending AYA was their last chance to make sure their children got a good education and learned better behavior. Ultimately, the position of the families is that AYA betrayed them.

Rommys Beltrán is not the only person accused in this case. Six former employees of AYA were also charged and they, along with Rommys Beltran, could face a civil lawsuit after the conclusion of the criminal trial.

We are saddened that the families demanding justice will have to suffer even longer until they receive justice in this case. At that time the defendant with her new lawyer may plead guilty or request a new extension of time to prepare for the trial. The only thing we can say is that we believe this criminal matter will be concluded in 2020.

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