School Bus Caution: Beware of the Stop Signs and Flashing Lights this Back-to-School Season

Did your child or a close friend’s child suffer injuries in a school bus accident? Schools started classes and we have returned to the routine of taking your children to the school bus stop. In the state of Georgia, the law involving cars and school buses is very complicated, but you are required to know when it is appropriate to stop.


Governor Nathan Deal recently authorized and signed a new law that stated that any violation of passing a stopped school bus while its red lights are flashing can be fined up to $1,000 and have up to 6 points placed on your license.

As Attorney Doug Rohan, an expert in these types of cases, states: “Every school bus violation is serious. If it is the first time, you can negotiate to pay just the fine and have the points stay off your record. In case it is a second offense, a reduction can be harder to get from the prosecutor”. 

The current law says the following:

“Georgia law requires drivers to stop in both directions when a school bus has its flashing lights on and its stop signal extended. This applies to all roads without a central median. If there is a central median (concrete barrier or grass), opposing traffic does not need to stop.”

Attorney Rohan has experience in personal injury in cases of accidents on or with school buses. He can help injured victims understand the legal issues that involve the school district and who are directly responsible for their child’s injuries. Do not waste any more time and contact us, we can assist you to claim fair compensation for damages.

 School buses are the main form of transportation to and from public schools in the United States. It is also the safest. However, many tragic accidents and injuries occur that are preventable. This is caused by non-compliance with the laws or negligence of drivers. Many accidents that occur in the state involve school buses, so it is essential to have a lawyer who can help you ask for accurate compensation.


Each year, an average of 20 school-age children die in school bus accidents. A quarter of the injured are occupants traveling in the vehicle; while, the rest are pedestrians with the afternoon being when most accidents occur.

Surveillance cameras on school buses are usually always active, but the driver does not remain active watching them all the time. At the moment when the driver is going to stop, and the bus’ lights start to flash and stop, the cameras start recording the entire movement. So if there is an accident with school-age children or anyone, the cameras automatically record the car’s license plate and issue a civil citation. We speak only of civil cases because surveillance cameras cannot testify against a defendant. Therefore, it is not a criminal offense because each person has the right to confront any witness against them. In this case, the driver must identify if they were the one driving the car. If they were not driving, they then must report the data of the person who was driving and a letter will be sent to them.

What happens if I receive a letter for a civil offense in these cases?

 If your vehicle is picked up by the school bus cameras, you will receive a letter specifying that the driver has broken the law and must pay a civil fine. Depending on if the driver has repeated the offense or not, this event may result in a higher fine. Also, if the fine is not paid, it can result in the suspension of the driver’s license.

 To pay for the civil fine, you can pay it online or by mail. You do not need to go to court to appeal unless you know for sure and have evidence that it was not your fault.

Laws according to the type of road for school bus stops:

  • For a two-lane highway, two-lane highway with a central turning lane, and/or a four-lane highway without a medium separation: at the moment the bus begins to show its stop sign, and the red lights start to flash, it’s illegal to drive past the bus in either direction while passengers get on or off.
  • The only time you can continue past a stopped school bus is when you are traveling in the opposite direction and there is a grass median or concrete barrier between the opposite travel lanes.


The road divided by median separation: traffic following the direction of the school bus is required to stop. In the case of a median, grass or concrete, the cars on the opposite side have no obligation to stop.

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