Security cameras: the best proof for your case.

Americans often do things quickly without paying attention to the things that surround us. We are always busy. On many occasions, those things that we’re not paying attention to are people or vehicles. When you drive someplace like your home, the football stadium, the office, and other places, you go through many intersections. Out of nowhere, a vehicle can appear and crash into your car at one of those intersections

When you get out of your car, stunned from the collision,realize there was a traffic light before the intersection. Was the traffic light red? Were you crossing with a green light and the other vehicle blew through a red light? In those moments, you will begin to analyze what happened before the accident, but  the adrenaline will make it difficult to remember the color of the traffic light. It’s good to remember that a Dash Camera can have the accident sequence recorded. But do you have a DashCam in your car? 

If you don’t, you’re missing key evidence from your accident. Without that proof, you will be fortunate if a police officer decides that you are not at fault for an accident. However, it may happen that the responsibility rests with you. Without that proof, an accident specialist lawyer cannot help or it will be difficult for them to help. Using a DashCam will allow you to obtain fair compensation for your injuries and damages.

Proof for your criminal investigation.

Many buses are equipped with a security camera, but the personal cars rarely do. For the Hispanic community, it is increasingly helpful to have DashCam footage as proof that they were not to blame for a car accident.

We frequently see that police are blaming Hispanics in many cases for the accident, even if someone from the Hispanic community did not cause the accident. Most likely, the reason for this is the language barrier at the scene of the accident. It can be difficult to communicate your side of the story to the police if they do not speak your language. Another reason for this is the xenophobia and racism that is growing in America’s culture.

For this reason, it is important to use DashCams because they provide you with the proof your need to protect your rights.

Did you know that there are thousands of accidents in each county every month? The police cannot check the intersection cameras for all accidents those accidents. Take control of your future and make a small investment in your own personal DashCam.


A DashCam can help you clarify your case faster and your lawyer will have the best proof to solve your case and get you the compensation you deserve.

What you should do to provide information to your lawyer.


  • Document the car accident.


First of all, it is important to gather all the necessary evidence so that Rohan Law can have the records of medical bills, information about the insurance policies, images and recordings of the scene, testimonies, and any other pertinent information. All this proof will allow Rohan Law to know the extent of your injuries to study your case and obtain fair compensation.


  • Auto accident investigation


The investigation of every detail matters. Every little test or detail can alter the decision of your case thanks to the evidence you provide to your lawyer. Evidence is key to building and studying your case. The use of the DashCam, for example, may be one of the best pieces of evidence to prove that it was not your fault.

If you have clear video images of what happened before, during or just after an incident and the recording of the video with the time and date recorded on the image, the truth will come out for all to see. You should also use your phone to take many pictures of the damage to your car and the other car. This should be done from many different angles. Also take picture of the inside of your car. Broken glass in baby seats can be very powerful for a jury. Many times, the investigation will lead us down a path we didn’t even expect at the time of the accident. Having many pictures can reveal details months later that we didn’t even realize were important at the time.


  • Negotiation of the car accident (if there is a case)


If the negotiations of an agreement with the other party are unsuccessful, Rohan Law will be prepared to go to trial and present the details of your case. The jury will be very interested in the unexpected evidence: the recording of the DashCam. In this age of the police TV programs, the jury want to see the actual accident.

The cameras on the buses.

School buses already have surveillance cameras. Generally they are always active and record all kinds of accidents and infractions and the driver does not remain active watching them all the time. For them it is a simpler process because in most cases, when they stop and their lights start to flash and stop, the security cameras start recording all the movement that happens around.

Do you want to know more? On the blog Caution with the school bus: be careful with your stop signs and red lights this season back to school, Attorney Doug Rohan offers us important recommendations that can be used to avoid accidents and be able to record on video everything that occurs around us to get fair compensation so that the police do not believe we are responsible for an accident.

Why is Rohan Law the key to solving your case?

Attorney Doug Rohan is a person close to his clients. With the help of Attorney Doug Rohan, we educate the community and guide them to understanding of the laws in order to give them the power to live peacefully in this country and to fulfill their dreams and improve their lives.

If you had an accident recently and have the recording, you should seek immediate help of a specialized lawyer to defend your case. Call us now at (404) 923-0446 and we will address your case. Attorney Rohan is Your Best Legal Choice

Enter here and hear the recommendation from Rohan himself with this video explaining why to use DashCam. Attorney Rohan is the best option for you.

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